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Fieracavalli 2017 and Progetto Islander

Verona, October 29, 2017 – Fieracavalli closed a week ago, consolidating its primacy as reference event in Europe’s equestrian sector with some pretty impressive numbers. More than 160,000 visitors arrived in four days and foreign enthusiasts have reached 16.5% by representing 63 countries. Two hundred events animated the 12 Veronafiere pavilions, including top-level sports competitions such as Jumping Verona, morphological competitions, western disciplines, shows and didactic activities. 3000 horses of 60 races, 750 exhibiting companies from 25 nations, 130,000 square meters between pavilions, show rings and outdoor areas, 35 breeding associations and 200 appointments between sports competitions, shows and conferences.

Surely Fieracavalli is also a favorite destination for shopping: new saddle pads with embroidered initials, custom-made helmets, and boots, winter duvets (for horse and rider), so on and so forth. But between a purchase and the other a sign bearing the Fieracavalli and Progetto Islander logo affixed to every corner of Veronafiere stands out. The sign bears the following statement: In case of evidence of incorrect behaviour or mistreatment to animals, please give notice to the following telephone number.

“Since some years Veronafiere has set up an ethics committee, in collaboration with Progetto Islander, which sees the involvement of a Veterinarian Service and four major institutions,” explains Fabrizio Cestaro, Director of Animal Health Service in Verona. “The purpose of the committee is to evaluate the big event first of all with the aim of respecting animals and guaranteeing a better condition for horses, mules and donkeys joining the fair. Paying attention to the resting areas of animals, which need to be sheltered from excessive light and noise is only one of the fundamental jobs of the committee.

For the fourth consecutive year, Progetto Islander participates in Fieracavalli both as a main player of the ethics committee, maintaining the welfare of horses during the days of exhibition and reporting situations of abuse, and with a stand where to buy the associations new merchandise designed to support expenses of the horses at the recovery center, situated outside of Milan.

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