Toscana Tour 2024

Arriving at the show ground of Arezzo Equestrian Centre in Tuscany evokes a sense of grandeur, it almost has something epic. My florid imagination switches on The Gladiator theme in my mind. Not sure if that inspiration comes from the towering Cypress Trees or the sight of 700 majestic, impeccably groomed equines. It’s a moment […]

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Lusitanos of Melides

Exploring Passeios Melides: A Journey through Portuguese Alentejo on Horseback Nestled within the captivating landscapes of the Portuguese Alentejo region lies Passeios Melides, an enchanting destination offering horseback riding experiences with beautiful Lusitano Horses amidst the endless shores and picturesque countryside. At the heart of this equestrian haven is Quinta do Almargem, a historic property […]

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Hermès & Jochen Gerner

“Life is a permanent obstacle race, and that’s what makes it so attractive,” states Jochen Gerner, a celebrated French German illustrator known for his minimalist style, regarding his collaboration with Hermès. Truly, his illustrations eloquently convey the essence of showjumping: with deft strokes of his China ink markers, vibrant obstacles, saddles, grooming tools, and saddle […]

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Fausto Melotti

Sculptor, painter and poet: the art of multifaceted Fausto Melotti – a great master of mid-century European Modernism – playfully juxtaposes irony and lightness with academic and intellectual rigor. Features that should be familiar to horsemen as fundamental characteristics of equestrianism in all its forms, too. Indeed there is a match: Fausto Melotti’s poetic ceramics […]

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Carlo Mollino

The Centro Ippico Torinese (Horse Riding Club Torino) was one of Carlo Mollino’s first works.   Opened in 1940 and demolished in 1960, due to the communal concession expiration, in its short life of only 20 years, the building stood for some of Carlo Mollino’s architecture’s most typical features. The quest for volumetric movement, aerial suspension, […]

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Louis Tuaillon Mounted Amazon

Louis Tuaillon’s (1862–1919) amazon on Horseback (ca. 1890/95, Bronze cast 1895), represents a mythical people of fighting women. It is not depicted as a dangerous warrior (as in August Kiss’s sculpture at the front of the Altes Museum), but as the epitome of self-control, mastery, and concentration. The ‘Amazon’ is regarded not merely as a […]

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Superimposed with Constructivist motifs, a short film by Xavier Veilhan reveals CHANEL ambassador and distinguished horsewoman Charlotte Casiraghi on horseback, for a first glimpse at the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2022 Haute Couture collection by Virginie Viard. In a graphic expression of allure, Charlotte Casiraghi, who perfectly embodies the harmonies between horse and rider reveals drawings and […]



A visual celebration of Ralph Lauren’s equestrian iconography told and presented throughout the language of some of his most coveted ADV’s. Showcasing iconic imagery of American equestrian places and things. Like the old plaid shirts, the tweed jackets, the coats, the cars, the trucks, the white clapboard farmhouses. Ralph Lauren himself states that “They are everything that […]