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Sara Kollhof | Flyinghorse

In addition to providing equestrian content in an easy, personal and helpful way, the equestrian blog Flyinghorse by Sara Kollhof wants to be an ode to the most admired companion of mankind. A cheerful magazine that features horse crazy people and their relationship with their equine friends.


Why anequestrian blog, when there are countless forums and groups dedicated to the theme? The reason I’m writing about equestrianism and the relationship between horse and rider is related to myself starting to mount at the venerable age of 26. I had to face the harsh reality of facts: riding a horse is damn hard!


Hence, the need for daily confrontation with questions of various kind and I hardly find immediate answers on the net. Why does my horse behave in a certain way, how can I improve my position, through which alternative approaches may I structure the daily work in order to make it more appealing for my horse? Flyinghorse is my effort to find the answer to my problems. I hope it might be helpful for you, too!

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