Fieracavalli 2019

FLYINGHORSE ∏Veronafiere-FotoEnnevi_Davide dall'Osso1

Verona, 7-10 November 2019 – Fieracavalli launches the first edition of Art & Cavallo, the contemporary art exhibition with an equestrian theme, which elects the horse as a true work of art. Artists of all nationalities, without age limits, have been called to participate in this celebratory and evocative story, where the figure of the horse, is the undisputed protagonist. The architect and artist Federica Crestani, also creator of the Fieracavalli 2019 campaign with her works “Horses of Water, Earth, Air and Fire”, is the curator of the exhibition which, for this first edition, has as its fil rouge own the concept of Fire: allegorical element of the innate drive that leads artists to externalize through their works what they feel.

The journey, through the free ethical-emotional interpretation of the horse, is divided into three macro-areas: painting, sculpture and photography. Ten artists, some internationally renowned, have been selected by the Fieracavalli team, according to their qualitative criteria, research and technical innovation.

I particularly fell in love with the works of the sculptor Davide Dall’Osso, which recognizes the “spiritual impulses” of the man of his time in the strong physicality of the horse. His works are characterized by extensive material research: galvanized iron, copper and brass, transformed “alchemically” into bodies of light and crystals, allow him to suspend transparent figures, that appear in continuous metamorphosis, in the air.

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