Piazza di Siena 2019

All roads lead to Rome, so does the road of the Rolex Grand Prix, which will be held from May 23rd to 26th in the prestigious Piazza di Siena, a masterpiece of landscape architecture to function as the backdrop during four days of exciting competitions. The CSIO Roma Piazza di Siena is indeed held in the beautiful gardens of Villa Borghese. In 2018 the eighteenth-century grassy mantle was restored to its former glory. In the same year, Rolex became the official watch of this prestigious event, opening a new exclusive chapter in its history. As the eighty-seventh edition of this historic equestrian competition is about to start (exactly ninety years after the first edition of 1929) Flyinghorse – together with Gobbi 1842 who is official Rolex dealer since over 50 years –  will take you on a journey to the heart of the eternal city.

But before taking off for the parable that will let us explore the Piazza di Siena paths of light, green and colors, come with us to discover the beauties in the heart of Rome, where eternity begins. A walk that will start from the historic oval of Piazza di Siena through Villa Borghese up to the Pincio, then descend down Via San Sebastianello or from the Spanish Steps down to one of Rome’s most symbolic streets: Via Condotti. This is the beginning of a wonderful immersion in the small alleys of the Italian capital immersed in the extraordinary light of spring. Here below a selection of addresses not to be missed if you are in town for the venue:

Where to stay

As a centerpiece of the Eternal City, the Hotel de Russie is a true Roman luminary between Piazza del Popolo and the Spanish Steps, where the classical and cosmopolitan come together. Located between two of Rome’s most picturesque piazzas, Piazza di Spagna and Piazza del Popolo, Hotel de Russie is one of the Eternal City’s most prestigious luxury hotels. An enduring favourite of artists and writers, stars and politicians, it was dubbed “paradise on earth” by French poet Jean Cocteau in 1917, and the accolade still stands today. Don’t forget to indulge in one of the best aperitivo experiences in the city in the Stravinskij Bar, sipping expertly-mixed cocktails under the stars.

Where to eat

A stone’s throw from the Trevi Fountain the Ristorante al Moro frees all the flavours of authentic Roman cuisine. A local restaurant with outdoor seating, where you can taste dishes prepared with the authenticity of fresh and local ingredients. Cheeses and cold cuts of our own production, fresh pasta dishes and homemade desserts, Trattoria al Moro is an ideal place for those who want a real Roman dinner, surrounded by the historical beauty of the capital.

Zuma Roma is located in the iconic Palazzo Fendi, covering two entire floors. Dine in the restaurant or beautiful roof terrace for views overlooking the “eternal city”, or visit the bar and lounge for sake and cocktails.

What to do

It would be enough simply to get lost in the streets of Rome, since the historical center of the city is literally an open-air museum. Start with a stroll on the Sant’Angelo Bridge an hour before sunset, continue to the Trevi Fountain, which at night can leave you breathless. For those who are planning a little shopping, here are our must-see stops:

The Polo Ralph Lauren shop is located on the corner of Via del Corso and Via Frattina, inside a splendid historic building. An obligatory stop for lovers of the equestrian style of the American brand. Watch out since the store is exclusively dedicated to the men’s universe of the brand.

Since 2015, Chez Dede opened its flagship store in Rome, a Cabinet de curiosités located in one of the most aristocratic neighborhood of Rome, Rione Regola. Nestled inside Palazzo Antonelli Capponi, it is conceived like a warm and cosy home that offers a unique retail experience, a blend of fashion, art, furniture, design, jewels, books and vintage gems.

A stone’s throw from other vintage stores in the Monti area, Pifebo is a large store with a mostly ’80s and ’90s selection of Americana vintage wares. Leather jackets, collegiate crewneck sweatshirts, and plenty of denim make up much of the shop’s offering, with a fair helping of American flag–printed items, too. Next door is the impressive Pifebo Kilo Shop which is, exactly as it sounds, a store where you can purchase one kilo of vintage for €10. We highly recommend the marvelous Pifebo sunglasses to showoff during Sunday’s GP in Piazza di Siena.

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