Bottega Conticelli

I’ll always remember the first time I discovered the marvellous creations of Bottega Conticelli. Saint Tropez, Athina Onassis Horse Show, May 2016. The champions of showjumping showing under a perfectly blue sky over beautiful Pampelonne beach, where the chef de piste Uliano Vezzani, designed his course. In the middle of that much perfection, it’s not quite easy to stand out. Nevertheless, Bottega Conticelli’s one of a kind woollen horse blankets with details in artisanally worked leather that adorned the champions in the lap of honour, made the total picture even more perfect.

In Bottega Conticelli an unmistakable style, marked by attention to detail and the highest quality of the materials used, is conceived by the skillful, attentive and brilliant mind of Stefano Conticelli. Expert of elegance, taste and charm, he is the beating heart of his workshop in the middle of Umbria.
Through the motto “I have a dream“, he puts his own experience and dedication in creating exceptional masterpieces of craftsmanship.

Production is curated in every single phase: from the choice of the best leather to the first engraving, from the design of the project to the manual processing of the single item, up to the finishing, all is completely hand-made. Real works of art like my Bottega Conticelli horse wool blankets with beautiful leather finish. Hand Made in Italy, but overall Made with Love.

When Stefano’s surprise parcels arrive, each time some extra details are added to cheer up mind and soul. Every detail of his creations has been studied ad hoc for our collaboration. Together with Stefano, we chose the colour combinations, and the style of the leather applications, which make each horse blanket unique. Elegance, in line with the Flyinghorse style, has been the fil rouge guiding us from the ideation to the creation of my new woollen horse blanket with black leather applications. The bay colour of my stallions’ coat has been a key element to guide our creativity. The dream lives in each perfectly applied stitch on the leather edging. My names’ letters take shape in a warm embrace to the horse on the blankets’ neck. It’s true love. Just like the first time, when the grey blanket with white stripes and leather trim was designed for my grey horse, perfectly adapting to the his coat and look.

Let’s face it, us equestrians descend to few compromises when it comes to dressing our horses. Everything is chosen down to the smallest detail, the saddle pad is combined with the saddle, the boots, our look and of course the blanket. Everything has to match. Even better if there’s a lot of personalization. Bottega Conticelli best responds to the needs of its customers by providing exemplary advice, but above all by welcoming them into their world with enthusiasm, love for detail and kindness, which are difficult to match. The client is involved in the wonderful creative process of Stefano’s mind, thus participating in the unique experience of creating a tailor-made and unique artisanal piece of art.

There are those times when you are immediately caught by something. It can be an object, a horse, a person. It doesn’t matter where you are at that moment, in the middle of a crowd or watching showjumping champions in the lap of honour on the beach of Pampelone; there are stories that enchant you and you can’t take them off your mind anymore. This is the story of Bottega Conticelli.

If you want to discover more you can find Bottega Conticelli on IG at the following link.

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