Haas Horse Grooming Tools

Grooming horses is one of my favorite moments at the barn. As a little girl, I would spend hours feeding and grooming neighbors’ horses since I didn’t have my own. Other than today, at that time riding was more of a complementary part in my horsey relationships. Nowadays my horses are my bests friends, I therefore never regret the extra work put in every day as I see how much closer we get as a horse and rider. Grooming helps to build trust between you and your horses, and they will appreciate the extra care and attention you give to them as well!

While observing horses in pasture, contentedly scratching each other’s withers or rumps with their teeth, it becomes evident how good that must feel. As the horse’s caretaker, we can help with that feel-good grooming process. Horses should be groomed both before and after being ridden. Grooming before riding helps make certain that there is nothing tangled in the hair where the saddle or harness will rest. It also prepares the muscles for workout. Grooming after the ride helps remove sweat and debris that accumulated during exertion.

Daily grooming also gives you a chance to detect and monitor any injuries or other health problems such as cuts, skin infections, allergic reactions, thrush, etc. Finding health problems early gives you the best chance of treating them successfully.

Chuck has a super sensitive skin and is ticklish on the tummy. Grooming him can be described more as an extra long and super soft cuddle session. Quake, on the other hand, doesn’t mind a metal curry comb and shows me how much he loves the scratching with apparent satisfaction. Also one is grey the other bay, meaning different hair and different needs and therefore a dedicated grooming set each. This is also because of hygiene reasons: sharing brushes can cause the spread of bacteria or contagious skin diseases.

So here we go with a little overview on my all time favorite Haas Horse Grooming Tools, little helpers I cannot live without: 

Hoof Pick

Haas Joker is an all-important tool I use to remove dirt and debris lodged in the hooves, particularly in the grooves beside the frog. Cleaning the hooves on a regular basis can prevent the foul-smelling infection called thrush. Each horse should always have its own Hoof Pick and hooves should be cleaned before and after riding.


Wash Brush – this one helps to get the mud off the hooves in winter in the warm shower and dust in the summer. The synthetic bristles, which are longer on each end are also perfect to get Chucks’ white leg hair clean again before a show.

The Body Brush

Curry Comb – Chuck and I found a compromise with the Haas Curry Comb New Generation, made of very soft special plastic, for a good massaging effect. The prime function of the curry comb is to dislodge dirt and debris that might be tangled in the hair or stuck to the skin. Being a grey, this also helps me to start getting those ugly yellow spots out of Chuck’s coat. Since he sweats a lot, after training the Haas Curry Comb is the perfect tool to get him ready for the box again. During the grooming, it is important that the tools are cleaned frequently. A curry comb that is matted with dead hair and dirt won’t accomplish much in the cleaning department.

Schimmel Brush – Schimmel translates as a white horse. Nomen Omen: this brushes’ dense and long coconut fiber bristles work especially well for white horses, removing stubborn dirt and mud. Being so sensitive, Chuck does not really appreciate this tool as the bristles are quite hard. Nevertheless, when he is particularly dirty, there’s no way out of being cleaned 100%. I also use the Haas Blue Sponge for extremely hard stains.

Cavaliere – He definitely prefers this one. The Cavaliere is a body brush, which bristles border is longer for optimum cleaning results and helps to get that extra shine into the coat. The strength and elasticity of this select mixture ensure a brush of high quality. I usually brush from the head to the neck, the chest, withers, and foreleg all the way down to the knee, the back, side, belly, croup, and, finally, the hind legs all the way to the hoof. The farther down the leg, the gentler the brush strokes since this are bony areas.


Curry Comb – as mentioned above Quake doesn’t mind a little more intense scratching and I, therefore, use a no brand metal curry comb for him.

Capriole – this body brush comes in many different colors but once again I went for black. I cannot help, I like my grooming set all in the same color. The strokes over Quake’s body are always in the direction of the natural lie of the hair, flicking the dirt up and out of the coat at the end of each stroke. This type of brushing will remove some of the debris loosened by the curry comb as well as dislodging some that might have been missed.

Diva – Quake loves cuddles. He lays his head in my arms and could stay there for hours. When I first saw the Haas Diva Brush with Lambswool, I immediately thought of him. Moreover, this little helper is for a perfect, glossy finish, which really much helps with his beautiful bay coat. It – diva-like – comes in elegant black with leather hand strap.

Soft Mane Brush – Haas mane brushes come in different lengths (3,5 and 8 cm) and can be used as soft brushes, too. I use the 8 cm for both horses as they are designed to remove stuff that has been dislodged by the curry comb and stiff-bristled brush. I apply this brush in short flicking strokes, sending dust and foreign particles into the air.

Both horses’ tails never see a comb. I have noticed horses with super thin tails because they have been combed too much. This is why I only use the Haas 5cm mane brush on them. It’s short enough to get out dirt and long enough to have a super nice volume effect.

Quake is a stallion and has a super thick mane, on him the 3cm big mane brush makes miracles.

About Haas

Since 1919 HAAS ensures the exemplary quality and longevity of horse grooming products. All patented brushes are made in Germany. Generally, HAAS uses specially selected synthetic materials as the basis for all brushes and combs. These synthetics provide:  better hygiene (all products are washable) increased reliability longevity comfortable handling water resistance precision manufacturing retention of bristles shatter resistance During the manufacturing process the hand loop together with the bristles are directly incorporated with the body of the brush. No nails, spikes or screws means no risk of injury. No glue, so nothing can fall apart. The loops cannot come away or become loose. The longevity of brushes is guaranteed – a good reason to choose HAAS.

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