Flyinghorse - Tack Stories – Devoucoux Stirrup Leathers
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Tack Stories – Devoucoux Stirrup Leathers

So I purchased a pair of brand new and beautifully crafted jumping stirrup leathers by Devoucoux. I needed a new pair, mine were worn out and since I own a super comfy black Biarritz Saddle by the brand, the choice naturally fell on their product.


As described on the Devoucoux online boutique, the jumping stirrup leather is particularly comfortable for the rider thanks to its buckle-free fastening system at the stirrup bar level. Its single layer design avoids any pinching at thigh level and ensures improved contact for the rider. It is wider than a traditional stirrup leather, which allows it to adhere better to the saddle flap, providing improved stability for the rider’s leg.


Exactly what I was looking for. As the jumping stirrup leathers arrive, the beautiful design – a sleek ergonomic shape made in smooth black leather – pays off the production and shipping time of more than 2 weeks. Putting the leathers on the saddle is as easy as ABC: they can be fitted very quickly with a simple nylon loop. No endless tearing the stirrup leather off the saddle anymore. Once all is set I notice that the leather automatically revert the stirrup back to its normal spot, helping to keep your leg in the correct position. Very helpful indeed. After 10 minutes riding, however, I notice that the lower buckle on the leathers starts hurting my tibia and I begin to compensate in trying to find a more comfortable position in the saddle. Indeed the metal buckle is not covered with any leather part, cutting directly into my chaps. The end result is a big blue spot and a small open wound on my leg. I’m sure that after a while also the leather of my chaps will break, so the only solution for me is to put some tape around the buckle. No beautiful design anymore and for sure the Devoucoux stirrup leathers do not do their job in a diligent way.


I have to say this purchase has been a bit of a delusion. At the end of the day, it took me over 2 months to get my leathers. Since the sizing system on the website didn’t work out for me, I have to exchange my first leathers. Devoucoux is not prepared for such kind of process. The online customer service is definitely quick in giving feedback, contrary to the local Italian sales forces, which never reacted to any of my requests. I hope the service will improve soon and that the brand will improve the technology of the leathers since I simply love their saddles.


  • beautiful design – a sleek ergonomic shape made in smooth black leather
  • can be fitted very quickly with a simple nylon loop, without having to take the stirrup leather off the saddle.
  • are designed for the closest contact feel with no bulk
  • revert the stirrup back to its normal spot, helping to keep your leg in the correct position



  • the lower buckle on the leathers has a wrong position or should be covered with leather: it literally pierced my tibia through the chaps
  • very very long shipping times
  • poor local service
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