Flyinghorse - Gina Tricot Equestrian Socks
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Gina Tricot Equestrian Socks

How many times did you walk around with your equestrian socks over your breeches pulling eyes at you expressing that special mix of wonder and incomprehension: what the heck is she wearing?

We might have to admit that we look ridiculous either way in our crazy socks, but I can’t stop smiling when I get into this kind of situation. I feel comfy with my socks over my breeches and I may also feel a bit proud about showing everyone, that: “Yes I own a horse and love to walk around in my equestrian clothing”.

I was therefore thrilled to discover the Gina Tricot Equestrian collection socks. A big red yet elegant writing saying Equestrian extends over the calf. The perfect statement for my big equestrian ego, and maybe some people looking at you will be reassured, too when you walk into the supermarket to get some fresh bread. Also, the material is a pleasant surprise: fine thread (and shimmering in the silver version) for the upper part and reinforced but soft on the bottom of the foot.

The Gina Tricot Equestrian Collection SS18 has a luxurious, feminine feel, with a focus on the details, sustainability and function. Everyday favourites like shirts, knitted sweaters and hoodies along with party looks and updated equestrian clothing. The main colours are blue, white, red and camel with touches of gold embroidery and exciting floral prints. Black and grey provide the foundation for the latest equestrian favourites. Of course, the collection also features horse motifs and the season’s IT accessories.

Where does the tradition to wear socks over breeches come from? This is something that started before boots had zippers. Socks over breeches make pull-on boots easy to put on and take off. Today it’s a matter of tradition and personal preference. Do whatever is comfortable for you.

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