Hermès (Origami) Kirigami Horse

Everything touched by the magic wand of Hermès’ communication department is pure wonder to me. Starting with Hermès advertisements depicting silk scarves, stylish and elegant leather goods, different stories and lifestyles and last but not least horses, in order to remind readers the toots of the brand as a saddler. Following this, Hermès released the ‘Sporting Life’ printed advertising. You can read more about the brands approach to equestrian sports here.

Users are continuously solicited to interact in a joyful and creative way: few years ago a printable paper layout for creating the maisons’ most iconic bag out of your printer at home (thanks to the help of a pair of simple scissors) was pure joy of fashionistas around the globe. Even though, latter Hermes DIY launch is more appropriate for us horsey people – meaning it’s the best ever!

Together with the maisons’ launch of its first collection of home scents, the French brand released a diagram on how to fold the same scented origami paper horses, that came in sets of three and was part of the collection.

More recently, they started to sell gift sets of these little guys to go along with their Champ Libre candle collection, too. So if you missed all this beauty, don’t worry you can simply DIY it at home, thank to this marvelous origami pattern – pardon me – Kirigami pattern. Indeed, Kirigami involves paper cutting and folding while origami is purely folding. Anyhow, it’s much fun and I suggest to try it on our own. These can be beautiful Christmas decoration for your tree or the barn.

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